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The default login page looks like


So, lets make it like following…….

login page design


Instructions to deploy it in production


# Download it from here


#Open sharepoint 2013 management shell and run following commands

  1. Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "Path with file wsp name"     (Example "c:\Sp.Login.Custom.wsp" )
  2. Install-SPSolution -Identity Sp.Login.Custom.wsp -GACDeployment

Then open central administration
--> Central Administration
--> Application Management
--> Manage web application


--> Select Web application
--> Click on authentication providers in the ribbon bar


--> Click on the zone where you want to apply custom login page
--> Scroll down to the Sign In Page URL
--> Click Custom Sign In Page and paste "~/_layouts/Sp.Login.Custom/Login.aspx" in the text box


-->Click save

Now check it in the browser and cool!

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