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Custom login page for form based authentication in SharePoint 2013. It includes a nice branding for login page.

Default login page of FBA looks like


How about if we can make it like following……

custom design

To use this, Form based Authentication must be configured. To configure FBA, please follow here or here. I outdid it using 1st link.


# Download it from here


#Open sharepoint 2013 management shell and run following commands

  1. Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "Path with file wsp name"     (Example "c:\Sp.Login.Custom.wsp" )
  2. Install-SPSolution -Identity Sp.Login.Custom.wsp -GACDeployment

Then open central administration
--> Central Administration 
--> Application Management 
--> Manage web application


--> Select Web application
--> Click on authentication providers in the ribbon bar


--> Click on the zone where you want to apply custom login page
--> Scroll down to the Sign In Page URL
--> Click Custom Sign In Page and paste "~/_layouts/Sp.Login.Custom/Login.aspx" in the text box


-->Click save

Now check it in the browser and cool!

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